Surround Loudspeaker
Meet the SR-1290: the newest member of the SR family of surround loudspeakers from QSC. While object-based audio and immersive sound formats provide new creative tools for filmmakers, they also place new demands on cinema sound systems—especially surround loudspeakers and the amplifiers that power them. The SR-1290 was designed to meet these demands, and more.


High Power
With a 400 watt power rating, the SR-1290 is more than capable of producing the higher output levels required by object-based soundtracks. Its 4 ohm impedance enables it to draw more power from the amplifier, allowing you to use smaller, less costly amps compared to 8 ohm surrounds.

Outstanding Performance
The 12-inch LF driver and 1.75-inch HF compression driver are coaxially mounted, producing a true “point source” sound radiation pattern that’s naturally time-aligned, resulting in smooth coverage from all listening angles.

Compact Size
Coaxial design also allows the loudspeaker to be smaller compared to “over/under” low/high frequency driver designs, which minimizes visual intrusion and reduces the chance of interfering with the projection light path.

Structural Integrity
The solidly-built 15 mm Baltic birch plywood enclosure with internal bracing is designed for safe suspension, even in overhead locations.

More Mounting Options
With eight mounting points, the SR-1290 can be mounted using the supplied QSC wall mount, a third-party mount, or a conventional yoke bracket. We’ve even included an eyebolt for safety cable attachment in overhead installations.


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