Large Format Solutions

Premiere sound for premiere rooms

The heart of QSC’s large room systems are our advanced DCP Series cinema processors, which combine all booth audio functions into a single box. Built-in SNMP networking enables control and monitoring of multiple auditoriums from either a local or remote operations center.  The DCP can communicate directly with our ultra-reliable DCA amplifiers via our high-performance DataPort™ interface, or connect using CobraNet™ on Cat-5 to a QSC DXP Digital Expansion Processor that is racked with the amps behind the screen, saving a bundle on wiring time and cable for a large room.

QSC processors also enable top-notch performance right out of the box with presets that optimize the system for your specific amplifiers and loudspeakers. For Large Format and premiere rooms, our 4-way screen channel loudspeakers are the ideal choice:

  • 4-way systems provide smoother reproduction of mid/high frequencies by incorporating a VHF driver that handles 6 kHz and above, allowing the HF driver to be optimized for the 1.7 - 6 kHz range that is critical for dialog intelligibility.
  • Unique ring radiator design time-aligns the acoustical centers of co-axial HF and VHF drivers, eliminating phase cancellation and uneven frequency response.
  • Switchable HF/VHF crossover lets 4-way systems run either quad-amped or tri-amped depending on your amplifier and wiring budget.

With 4-way configurations ranging from four woofers down to one, QSC’s screen channel line lets you bring a premiere movie listening experience to any size room.

The ultimate in big-room systems

SC443_CS_sm.jpgIn a big room, it takes a big system to deliver big sound. QSC makes the only solutions that fully power the big-room experience while fully integrating system components. That’s particularly important in a large room because the sound system is often more complex. With QSC, everything you need to handle large-auditorium sound is already thought through as a single system offering several key advantages:

Optimized high-power design delivers state-of-the-art power and intelligibility across large rooms without straining the system or endangering your investment.

Fast interfacing reduces the installation time spent on connecting large systems.

Networked audio routing minimizes signal losses, installation time, and cable costs from long audio runs.

Remote monitoring and control makes large-system operation more efficient.

System components
DCP 300 is the most flexible and expandable cinema processor on the market, merging processing and booth monitor functions into a single-box solution. 16 digital inputs future-proof your room for tomorrow’s audio formats, leaving four channels open even when running with five screen channels and four surround zones.

DXP is the key to easy system expansion. Use the Digital Expansion Processor to route signal over CobraNet™ on Cat-5 cable from the DCP 300 to point-of-use DXP units, which connect via DataPort to DCA amplifiers. DXP also collects amp status information and feeds it back to the network for monitoring.

DCA amplifiers are the most reliable, best-performing cinema amps available. DataPort enables fast interfacing with both DXP and DCPs. DCA 1622s and DCA 2422s handle the screen channels for plenty of headroom.

DCA 3422s let you drive two subwoofers without bridging, and DCA 2422s easily power up to four surrounds each in parallel.


SC-444 is our largest screen channel loudspeaker. Four 15-inch woofers ensure clean, rich lows in even the largest cinemas, and a powerful midrange horn keeps critical dialog clear all the way to the back row.

SB-7218 dual 18-inch subwoofers achieve the lowest possible distortion while producing lows your audience can feel as well as hear. Ample port area lowers port-induced noise and power compression. (See also the SB-15121).

The two-way SR-5152 is the most powerful surround speaker in the SR series. A high power 15-inch woofer is combined with a powerful HF compression driver with a 3-inch voice coil, creating a system with a 625 watt power rating.

Born to fly

SC4248FverticalAngleRight.jpgWhether they’re Large Format or simply large, the biggest auditoriums often call for dome and point-source speakers to be flown rather than resting on platforms. Built around the same driver technology that goes into our top-line 4-way screen channel loudspeakers, QSC’s SC-424-8F delivers no-compromise audio fidelity in a package that is expressly designed for the unique requirements of flying:

  • Tough birch-ply enclosure patterned after our rugged tour-grade loudspeakers makes the SC-424-8F light but strong.
  • M10 attachment points supported by internal steel brackets accommodate all common suspension systems to ensure safe and easy installation.
  • Consistent external dimensions in horizontal or vertical orientation facilitate maximum hanging flexibility for high- and low-frequency cabinets.

With its high-flying performance and ultra-safe, rigging-friendly mounting, the SC-424-8F is the ultimate flow cinema speaker.


Lowest of the lows
It takes high performance to bring out the lowest of the low frequencies. So QSC designed the SB-15121, a massive 21-inch subwoofer that lets movie-goers feel it all — literally. Housed in a rugged ported cabinet, the SB-15121 is perfect for contemporary high-impact soundtracks. Never muffled or smeared, the SB-15121 expertly delivers the massive lows needed for premiere and Large Format rooms. Its rich, deep bass is the perfect complement to the superior definition and clarity of our high performance screen channel speakers.