Mid-Size Solutions

Value in every detail

Starting from the premise that high performance is non-negotiable, QSC designs for maximum end-to-end efficiency. The result is not only enhanced quality and reliability but also exceptional bang-for-the-buck. We’re able to offer unmatched value in mid-size solutions because we think through the impact of every detail of both installation and operation:

  • Integrated booth electronics combine all processing, routing, and monitoring functions to centralize control and simplify wiring and setup.
  • Speaker-specific presets instantly tailor the processor’s loudspeaker feeds to the exact response characteristics of your system.
  • Ultra-reliable DCA power amplifiers keep you up and running without expensive repairs or downtime.
  • CineSight™ speeds installation by enabling fast, precise aiming of screen channel loudspeakers without removing drivers.
  • Three-point Pan-Tilt assemblies for screen channel horns adjust without disassembling, reducing the risk of lost parts. They’re also ratcheted for locked-in vertical alignment, and brightly marked for working in low light.
  • sr-Back.jpgBypassable crossovers on our 3-way screen speakers let you choose tri- or bi-amping individually for each auditorium.
  • Broad mid-range horns enhance intelligibility by handling more dialog, while convergent mid/high patterns ensure smooth coverage across the entire seating area.
  • Accessible terminal cups make connecting easy for both surrounds (top cup) and screen channels (offset side cup to avoid baffle wall framing).
  • Easy pre-installed mounting brackets hold surround speakers in place during insertion of lock screws, which ship right in the terminal cup for handy access during installation.
  • Driver protection circuitry guards mid and high speaker components against destructive DC and ultra low-frequency signals.

Beyond the advantages of any individual feature, it’s our consistently practical, detail-oriented approach to design that makes our mid-size solutions stand out. So a QSC system is something more valuable than simply a good deal — it’s a smart decision that your business will benefit from for many years to come.